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Cobb EBCS Mazda 771750


MAZDASPEED 3-Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (EBCS)

  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 2.5 × 8 × 8 in
  • Installation Difficulty:
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**TUNING REQUIRED**The COBB 3-Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (EBCS) is an excellent upgrade for modern turbocharged vehicles— enabling precise boost control in a tidy package that is easy to install and tune. Cobb’s EBCS will eliminate boost fluctuations inherent in the OEM boost control system— providing stable and repeatable boost control to base the vehicle’s tune on. It is equally capable of providing this stable boost control at stock boost levels as well as extremely high boost levels associated with big-power builds. COBB’s 3-Port EBCS features 1/8″ low-profile barb fittings and are nickel coated for corrosion resistance (standard size for most internally gated turbo setups). Optional 1/4″ nickel plated fittings are also available separately (standard size when connecting to an external wastegate setup). While the EBCS is technically “plug and play” a new tune specific to this EBCS is required once installation is complete.

Make Model Submodel Year
Mazda MazdaSpeed3 2007 - 2013
Mazda MazdaSpeed6 2006 - 2007
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