Ford Stage 1 Power Package Focus RS 2016-2018



Ford Stage 1 Power Package Focus RS 2016-2018

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The Accessport V3 is the world’s best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for Ford. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

Upgrade forever with off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations for most bolt-on modifications. It’s the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.

The billet aluminum Rear Motor Mount with an 85A durometer bushing cuts down on unnecessary engine movement to reduce wheel hop and increase traction, while minimizing in-cabin NVH.

Lastly, COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. Using propriety Woven cotton and metal mesh with a precision molded rubber base, the COBB High Flow Filter ensures that only clean air passes into your engine for maximum efficiency.


Weight 6.07 lbs
Dimensions 23.95 × 18 × 12.5 in