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IAG Race Series Solid Engine Mounts for 2008-14 Subaru WRX | 05-09 LGT


IAG Race Series Solid Engine Mounts for 2008-14 Subaru WRX | 05-09 LGT

  • Weight: 0 lb
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Installation Difficulty:
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The IAG Race Series Engine Mounts are designed to be an all-out racing mount. These are ideal for the person that is looking for performance gains at the road course dragstrip or autocross. The solid steel bushings included with the mounts leave no room for movement so NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) is added in the cabin. The engine mounts feature cold rolled gold zinc plated steel brackets with cadmium plated pins gold zinc plated bushings hardware and aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum anodized carriers that are machined in-house. Unique to IAG?s Engine Mounts is the ability to change the bushings to adapt to the needs of the car. Our Race Series mounts start with solid metal bushings but allow you to change to softer 75A or a stiffer 90A competition bushings in the future. Instead of having to purchase a new set of mounts if you want softer bushings you can simply purchase a bushing kit and change your mounts to street or competition level performance. IAG?s mounts are designed to fit the Subaru EJ series engines for the 2008-14 WRX 2005-09 Legacy GT. * IAG Engine Mounts require the use of the OEM engine mounting plates found on the 2002-07 WRX 2004-18 STI and 2004-08 Forester XT. IAG’s engine mounts for the 2008-14 WRX and 2005-09 Legacy GT come with the correct OEM engine mounting plates for an easy installation.

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