About Us

At Surgeline, we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and experienced tuning company in the industry. We specialize in BMW, Ford, Mazda, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and now Volkswagen performance model vehicles. Work with our professional tuners and technicians to take your car to the next level! Our experienced consultants will guide you through the chaos of the aftermarket wilderness and only recommend parts of the utmost quality and performance. Highly qualified technicians will handle installations, builds, maintenance and repairs to exacting standards. Expert tuning staff will ensure that all components work together in harmony to generate impressive power with high levels of safety and longevity.

All of our products you will find online at Surgeline.com are also available for purchase at our facility. We also even sell other products aside from COBB Tuning products. You may order through the website to have products shipped directly to your home, or call Surgeline at (503) 670-9500 to check stock and pick them up in person. Please call us, email or just stop by today! We would love the opportunity to introduce you to our shop and staff and answer any questions you may have about your car.


Let the experts at Surgeline guide you
Today’s modern import performance cars are blank canvases just begging to be modified to reach new levels of performance and style. Let the experts at Surgeline guide you through the chaos of the automotive aftermarket. They can steer you clear of sub-par parts and let you choose from high quality components with a proven track record of delivering performance, quality and long life.


Tuning is essential in order to realize appropriate gains
With the complexity of modern ECU’s, tuning is essential in order to realize appropriate gains from common engine modifications. The ECU of today is responsible for emissions, fuel economy, protecting drivetrain components and monitoring many sensors. Calibrations from the manufacturer are very specifically designed to optimize all of the above and it is easy to ruin the calibration with the simplest of bolt-on performance parts. Nowadays, it is essential to recalibrate the ECU to take advantage of performance parts and ensure that the engine is still operating in a safe manner.


Modified vehicles require vigilant maintenance
Changing oil, rotating tires, bleeding brakes, replacing coolant, maintaining filters and even checking tire pressures are important services that are essential to your performance car’s lifespan. Don’t neglect your high performance machine due to your busy schedule. Let the tenured staff at Surgeline take care of all of your vehicle maintenance needs.


When things go wrong, we make them right
Pushing the limits will always expose the weakest link. Fixing the problem is only half of the solution. Finding a way to prevent the same failure from occurring again is the more difficult other half. Surgeline technicians excel at failure analysis and will provide a prescription to eliminate your problems.