Cobb Accessport

The Cobb Accessport is the world’s best-selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your vehicle. Even in stock form your vehicle has some hidden power left on the table, not only that but Cobb has gone above and beyond that and expanded the ability of the stock ecu on most applications adding special features like Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, Speed Density Tuning, Flex Fuel Tuning, and Fuel Pressure Differential Tuning. This is the first step in any upgrade path of every car we do here at Surgeline

Boost Creep

Boost Creep is when the wastegate is not able to divert enough exhaust gas away from going through the turbo to adequately control boost to the desired level. This is different than over boost, because you can boost creep without ever going over your target boost. Unfortunately, we experience this often in the Pacific Northwest.

Your computer in its most basic form does 3 things to protect itself in the event that it determines appropriate.

  1. Reduce timing
  2. Add fuel
  3. Reduce the amount of boost

When you exhibit signs of boost creep you are taking one-third of the ECU’s ability to protect the engine and typically maxing out your factory fuel system. Even though you can add larger injectors and fuel pump to satisfy the fuel requirements, you will not be able to eliminate/control boost creep until you address the exhaust flow issue.

At this point we always recommend 1 of 2 actions be taken, depending on your future goals. The current turbo can be removed and the exhaust housing separated from the turbo assembly. From there we can port the exhaust housing specifically leading up to and around the internal wastegate port. This allows the internal wastegate to flow enough exhaust gas away from the turbocharger itself and bring the boost levels back into a controllable area. The other option and much more popular option is going to an external wastegate setup. While this is a more expensive route to go, it is more desirable because it has far better boost control ability than any internal wastegate setup, and it is not solely for 1 turbo. If you choose to upgrade your turbo later down the road, you can still use your external wastegate with that turbo. If you choose the path of porting your stock turbo then if you ever upgrade your turbo, the money you spent on porting the current one is lost since you can not move the port work to the upgraded unit.