What to Expect When Coming to Surgeline for a Custom Dyno Tune

All of our custom tunes start with a comprehensive pre-dyno inspection. This includes an overall mechanical inspection of the engine, driveline, suspension, brakes, and wheels/tires. The intake system is also pressure tested to ensure that everything is properly sealed up prior to the tune. This is all done to make sure that not only is the car mechanically ready, the engine is capable of making power, and that the tune will be accurate, but also that the car is safe for you to drive in its current configuration.

Next up is a consultation with our in-house tuner or one of our performance consultants. Typical topics of discussion are what you use the car for, what are your priorities with the car, and any goals you may have. We want you to be involved with the tuning process and value your input on how to set your car up.

The tuning process starts with calibrating start-up, idle, partial throttle, and other normal driving conditions. Since this is where the car will be operated the most, it is critical that the car still runs well under these conditions to preserve the overall driving experience. From there we move on to tuning at low boost at full throttle. This conservative approach is to make sure that the car is mechanically solid and the tune is where it needs to be before we add power and boost. Once that is dialed in we will jump power and boost up to our next target and so on. Our standard tuning session includes the following map offerings; Economy/Low Boost, Mid Boost, High Boost, Valet, and Theft Prevention maps. Additional maps can also include additional fuel types (E85, flex fuel, race gas, etc.) and anything else previously discussed during our consultation.

We have a viewing area in our showroom and a TV linked to the dyno computer so you can monitor and be part of the tuning process. People are also welcome to take any pictures and videos of their car since having your car dyno tuned can be a very exciting experience.

When the tune is complete, our in-house tuner will sit down with you to go over how the car did, explain the dyno charts, go over the various maps that you have available to you, and answer any questions you may have.

Even after you take your newly tuned car, we are still available for any questions and support that you may need to make sure the car continues to run as well as possible.