Monthly Spotlight – Cobb Drivetrain Components

Its a well known fact that a proper shifter can drastically change the character of your car.  Shorter shifts, a better feeling shift knob and even a different bushing can make a large impact in the way the shfiter operates and how the car drives.  Recently Cobb released some new shifter components for the 2015+ WRX and they certainly change the feeling while providing an instant noticeable change.

Nishant recently came in and purchased the Cobb shifter plate, bushing and shift knob for his 2018 WRX and said “I know power is addictive, but the crispness of the plate and bushing combined with the feedback from the knob is fantastic. I think the knob is a worthwhile upgrade too. It made the stock shifter feel much better, so now it’s even more amazing. “

Some relatively small parts and ease of installation certainly can make a large difference in the overall feeling behind the wheel.  Questions?  Give us a call or send us a message and we can discuss your vehicle.