Suspension Services Monthly Spotlight

Here at Surgeline, we commonly crank out some fast cars. However, changing the weight distribution of the car affects how it turns corners. A dialed-in suspension and corner balancing is essential to maintain traction. Corner balancing is the adjustment of spring perches on the car to obtain a balanced diagonal weight on the tires using four individual scales. If a car’s weight isn’t balanced diagonally, it will turn better in one direction than it does in another.

We offer full suspension services including installation, alignment and corner balancing, utilizing our Hofmann alignment rack and Intercomp Racing Scales.  We can dial in your stock car or your track car with our racing history and set-up experience.  Not sure what set-up is right for you, or if you need either of these services? Give us a call or send us a message and we can discuss your vehicle and potential benefits.